Callum Millward

New Zealand Professional Triathlete

Ironman 70.3 Champion
As professional athletes, business owners and new parents, recovery is now more important than ever for the both of us. Between the long training hours and regularly standing on our feet for long hours at triathlon events, we needed a recovery solution that was easily accessible, portable and highly effective.
Before using the Normatec recovery system, we spent significant money purchasing compression garments, and significant time receiving regular massage. Now being new parents, time is limited and the convenience of 'at home' recovery has become essential. Using the Normatec Recovery System provides a highly effective recovery solution in just 30 minutes, without having to attend expensive appointments or even leave the house. We love that the Normatec recovery system leaves us feeling like our legs have received a good flush out after a tough workout, and we're ready to tackle the next!

Richard Thompson

Australian Professional Triathlete & Coach

2018 Ultraman World Champion
To be successful in the Ultraman Triathlon, recovery is absolutely critical. Not only during training but in between the 3 days of racing. This is heightened by the enormous distances that are required to be covered (day 1 = 10k swim, 145k ride; day 2 = 275k ride; day 3 = 84km double marathon). I used the NormaTec Recovery System extensively throughout my preparation and racing for Ultraman Australia in 2017, breaking the world record and again for the Ultraman World Championship in 2018, where we became the World Champions. I can not recommend NormaTec highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their recovery.

Emily Seebohm

Australian Swimmer

Australian Olympic & World Champion

Australian backstroke, freestyle, butterfly and individual medley swimmer. Over 50 medals, including 20 gold across Olympics, World Championships, Pan Pacific Championships & Commonwealth Games.

Sam Betten

Australian Professional Triathlete

Ironman 70.3 Champion
Normatec is a key component in my recovery routine as a professional endurance sport athlete. I often had multiple training sessions every day and by using the Normatec system I know that I am reducing my recovery time dramatically. This then allows me to consistently train harder and recover faster. There is no doubt in my mind the Normatec gives me the opportunity to recover faster and the Normatec system is something that I use as part of my daily recovery routine.

Mick Fanning

Australian professional surfer

3 Time Surfing World Champion

Fanning won the 2007, 2009 and 2013 ASP World Tour.

Luke Hodge

Australian Rules

2 Time Norm Smith Medalist

Professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Hawthorn Football Club and the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League.

Mitchell Starc

Australian International Cricket

2017 Men's Test Player of the Year

Australian international cricketer who plays for the Australian national team and New South Wales in domestic cricket.

David Warner

Australian International Cricket

3 Time Allan Border Medalist

Australian international cricketer and a former captain of the Australian national team in Limited overs cricket.


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