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3 June 2020

From the Lead Physiology & Research Innovation of Triathlon Australia

30 March 2020

NormaTec vs Control – 7 Day Resistance Training

An exploratory study set out to compare the effects of external pneumatic compression (EPC – NormaTec) versus a control when utilised throughout a 7 day resistance […]
18 July 2019

T:Zero Multisport & NormaTec Recovery Partner For The Next Three Years

28 June 2019

Brisbane Broncos NormaTec Recovery Room

17 October 2018

Patrick Lange with record-setting performance at Ironman world titles

28 September 2018

Watch how Sam Betten wins at the QLD Tri Series Robina

Another Olympic Distance race win on Sunday at the QLD Tri Series – Robina (Gold Coast) Olympic Distance Triathlon. After the disappointing news of the late […]
31 July 2018

Official Recovery System of Triathlon Australia

31 July 2018

New NormaTec Recovery Athlete – Sam Betten Professional Triathlete

21 June 2018

The Blues Recovery Room

16 May 2018

IRONMAN Cairns 10th June 2018

5 May 2018

IRONMAN Port Macquarie 5th May 2018

3 March 2018

IRONMAN Taupo New Zealand 3rd March 2018