NormaTec for Professionals



NormaTec Recovery Systems are cutting-edge, commercial grade compression devices that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. Using NormaTec’s full-length leg, arm, or hip compression attachments rejuvenates muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness. When used as part of a rehab protocol, NormaTec helps to speed recovery, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.



Dynamic compression is a highly effective modality for sports recovery. NormaTec’s recovery systems are TGA cleared medical devices indicated to treat a wide range of edematous conditions. Physiotherapists report using the NormaTec extensively in their clinic:

  • Dr. Michael Leahy
    NormaTec's technology is an excellent adjunct to the ART method. “The NormaTec PULSE Pro is a surprisingly invaluable tool for athletes and patients. Once you try it, you won’t be without it!
    Dr. Michael Leahy
    DC, CCSP, A.R.T Founder
  • Dr. Corey Samuelson
    The top applications I would use NormaTec for in the clinical setting are post-surgical recovery (ACL reconstructions, meniscus repairs, total knee/hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs, ankle ORIFs etc.); ankle, quadricep, hamstring, calf strains; achilles/patellar tendonitis; and plantar fasciitis.
    Dr. Corey Samuelson
  • Travis Uriarte
    The NormaTec has been a terrific warm up and recovery tool for our clinic. We have been very pleased with the results in both our post-operative and conservatively managed patients. It has supplemented their rehabilitation by helping reduce swelling and manage pain. I would recommend it for any patients looking to optimize recovery!
    Travis Uriarte
    DPT, CSCS, Athletic Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Kurt A. Juergens
    The NormaTec Recovery System has been a great addition to my office. As a sports chiropractor, I have traveled the country and seen the NormaTec Recovery System utilized regularly at the collegiate and professional levels. My thoughts were,” If it is good enough for the professional and collegiate athlete then it is something that I should have for my patients.” So, I now have the system in my office. Not only do my patients love it but it truly does facilitate circulation and speed recovery.
    Dr. Kurt A. Juergens
    DC, CCSP
  • Justin Feldman
    Last year we added NormaTec to our practice because we were looking for an additional benefit we could offer to our patients. Having tried and used the product I knew that it would become a hit. Our patients’ have overwhelmingly enjoyed the benefits of being able to recover faster from their workouts and competitions, as well as prepare for their next event.
    Justin Feldman
    PT, DPT, FRCms, CertMST, CFCS, FMS Feldman Physical Therapy & Performance
  • Mike Drzewiecki
    We have started using the NormaTec compression sleeves for our patients that have been suffering from long term POTS symptoms leading to pooling in the lower extremities. The objective results have been amazing, but what is most important to us is that our patients love being in the boots because they feel so much better during and after use. I would recommend this device to anyone looking to improve circulation either from a recovery standpoint or a clinical standpoint.
    Mike Drzewiecki
    MS, DC, FABBIR, DACNB, CCSP Neorologic Wellness Institute
  • Heather Southwick
    Most sports medicine practitioners and patrons of the ballet do not realize how little recovery time professional dancers have with 6-10 shows per week. There is no taper phase. The dancer’s job is to make the dancing look graceful and effortless, regardless of fatigue level. The NormaTec system makes a significant difference in recovery and enhanced performance with fewer incidence of muscle strains and improved power reported by dancers in their larger muscle groups.
    Heather Southwick
    Director of Physical Therapy for the Boston Ballet
  • Gregory H Doerr
    The NormaTec has become my primary treatment for all deep muscle bruises as the results are so much faster than what I have done in the past to relieve them. What used to take me a week or two, can be done in 1-2 visits. Thank you NormaTec for a great recovery device and a great acute injury treatment modality!
    Gregory H Doerr


Grow your clinic, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce your patients’ muscle pain and swelling with NormaTec.

Bring to Events
Great for use at events (races, games, open houses)
Attract New Patients
Marketing NormaTec to local teams/clubs/athletes

Free Up Staff
Adds extra sets of hands allowing interaction with more clients
Increase Retention
Keeps patients coming back even after acute injury rehab


Patient Volume
NormaTec Recovery Systems can help increase patient volume, so they quickly pay for themselves.

Partners typically charge $20-$40 per 30 minute treatment and offer discounted 10-packs of treatments or unlimited monthly memberships.

Cash Flow
NormaTec creates positive cash flow for 4+ years and breaks even in just over one month at five sessions per day.



The revenue example below demonstrates the revenue generated from five NormaTec PULSE PRO 2.0 sessions per day with an average revenue of $30 per session.


Made to exacting standards, every NormaTec PULSE PRO 2.0 Recovery System is designed to work day in, day out—giving you years of reliable treatments. With arm and hip accessories available, it’s easy to customize your system to fit a variety of recovery and rehab plans.